The Oxygen Mask: You.First.

Return to the breath.

Awareness on the breath. You are the silent witness as your thoughts pass.


Progressive. Relaxation.

Relax one by one, from head to toe.

Remove your tongue from the roof of your mouth.

Breathe into the space within your heart, and mind.


Create the space and time you need.


What can you give up that would give you more time and internal space?


(Screen Time?)



Access your inner playfulness.

Take one step in the direction of play. 

Even if it's 60 seconds?

Every. Single. Day. Play.



Speaking from your internal self, rather than the external self:

If there were no limitations, how do you envision a life that makes you feel alive?  Thriving?  Joyful?

Write down specifics.


Step Gently and Authentically. 

What is the first step, right now?

What will be the 2nd step?


Fall Down.

Know that overwhelm/stress will come again. The secret is knowing. So when you find you're holding your breath... You breathe again.

Then, you take a Mindful step in the direction you want to go.

Breathe. Step. Fall. Breathe. Step.

Rinse and Repeat.


Commit.  With Flexibility.

Commit to Your Higher Self.

Commit to your vision.

Allow your vision, life, and self-compassion to flow.

Allow for flexibility.

Return to the breath, and you've turned toward yourself.

Again, and again.


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