Your Weekly TriYoga Class

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

This is where you'll move your body in FLOW.

I can't say ENOUGH about what TriYoga, an ancient transmission of yoga, will do for your:

Back, Spine, Alignment, Posture

Health, Calm Energy, Happiness

Breath, Organ & Muscle Health, Detoxification

Mind, Body, Spirit!

I'm so happy you're able to practice your own flow of TriYoga at home!! I'll be checking in, so make sure You get to your videos and journal pages here! Commitment to Yoga will change literally everything about your life for the better. I can't wait to hear about your process!

10 minute & 30-45 minute Yoga Class posted & sent to you every week. Choose the day/time that works best for YOU each week!

Week 5 TriYoga Flow!

Be sure to do both the 10 minute flow and the 30 minute flow this week- You'll be so happy you did! We're moving into opening and releasing, building strength and flexibility physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Enjoy, flow slowly, breathe rhythmically in a way that flows for YOU.

Ten Minute Flow (Don't forget 30 minute flow this week, below the 10 minute flow! Both are important, and different from one another.)

30 Minute Flow - Supported by the Wall

Week 4 TriYoga Flow!

Carve out 10 or 30 minutes - Today! Activate the Kundalini energy through TriYoga Flow, and watch as your life flows along with your practice.

Week 3 TriYoga Flow!

Carve out your 30 minutes this week, activate the Kundalini energy through TriYoga Flow.

The Divine Feminine energy awakens and fills your body, mind and spirit - and the space around you.

Week 2 Classes! You can use these videos in any order, any time.

Free The Spine: Flow

There is an option to end at 10 min. & 30 min. 5 min. Tranquility at end.

Free The Hips and Spine:


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