The Release: Guided Journaling

Updated: Aug 26

Guided Journaling: Envy Awareness for Freedom and Happiness!

Creating awareness around our admirations and jealousies can expand our potential for growth & infinite possibilities in our lives!

1. I admire these people...

2. I admire these qualities in others...

3. I wish people knew this about me...

4. I feel pangs of jealousy when I see...

5. I feel pangs of jealousy when I hear...

6. I have awareness and self-love around my jealousies. My jealousies are telling me that I want to find ways to incorporate more of this in my life...

7. My jealousies are telling me to set these two goals right now:

8. My reality might not look like the ideal that I see outside of myself. This might be how my attained goal works for ME:

9. And, these are two steps I will take this week:

Guided Journaling: Week 3

Step One

Set a timer for 120 seconds.

Mind-Dump: Write single words all over the page. Write words as fast as they come to you.

Make it messy.


Write sideways, upside down, in a circle.


Step Two

Breathe the complete breath.

7 complete rounds of breath.

Inhale, fill your belly, lower-mid-upper lungs to maximum capacity.

Envision brilliant white light at the base of your spine, traveling up your spine to the top of your head.

As you exhale, the brilliant white light fills your body and the space around you. Surrounding you in an aura of white light.

Step Three

Set a timer for 120 seconds, and write freely, again. This time single words or sentences. Notice any differences in your level of consciousness and calm.

Guided Journaling:

Click Here or Image for PDF Bonus Journal Pages - Enjoy & Get writing!

Guided Journaling: The Onion Layers

Beginning to Peel the Onion Layers!

Gratitude Brain Storm Right Here:

Positive and Negative feelings/ideas are healthy and natural. I am confident enough in my gratitude to look at the areas of life I would love to explore and grow through.

These are 7 things that I'm rockin'!








These are 7 old stories I tell myself, or others, about myself:

1. I'm too _______________________________

2. I'm too _______________________________ to _____________________________

3. If only I didn't ________________________________________________________

4. These types of people are different from me _____________________________________

5. These people hold me back __________________________________________________________

6. I need more ____________________________________________________________________________

7. I don't have enough ___________________________________________________________________

These are some ways I hold myself back…

I don’t do more of this, because I know these people will judge me:

People often think I am this: ______________, and I sometimes feel that they don’t know I’m this: _______________.

I can be MORE of my best self if I:

This is a big goal I have for this month/this year:

(Write it as if it's ALREADY accomplished!)

These are two steps I can, and will, take this week to start moving toward achieving that goal!




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